Saturday, May 29, 2010

Afghanistan Dreams Too

You cannot change someone who doesn’t want to be changed.

You cannot.

You could spend countless hours of your life believing that every piece of advice that pours out of your mouth is actually going to be not only heard, but be put into action, but that would be a life lived in ignorance.

Your words can only guide, not do.

And this is an important thing to realize because Afghanistan, and for any other war torn country, advancement and productivity could not be achieved unless the citizens desired to seek them. No amount of NGOs, international aid workers, or political figures could help the people of Afghanistan unless they wanted to be helped.

So today, we’re going to highlight an individual who wasn’t born in Vancouver or Los Angeles, North American cities where they used to dream about helping third world countries while they slept draped amongst cotton linens.

No. Today we’re going to highlight an individual who was born in the city of Herat, Afghanistan.

Someone who wasn’t a result of a Vancouverite's dream, but rather an Afghani woman who learned to dream all on her own:

Sakeni Yacoobi.

The people of Afghanistan should be applauded for the positive change that they wanted for themselves and deemed was within their reach, because God knows that they deserve it.

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